エロ漫画 しのびのザンラン2話




エロ漫画 Flame swordman trains and savors cocks of his fellows

36p, full color

The stage is Taisho era
It was created to exterminate demons harm people.
Night battle with Demon Slayer Corps and their leader!!

They struggled day and night to exterminate
Too busy and sexual desire builds up
Members of Demon Slayer Corps have time to
process their sexual desires
They’re so busy that they have no libido
haunted by monsters

At this rate, it’ll hinder his mission,
so He’ll start demon squad.
Kyoujurou Rengoku, who is also representative
leader and flame pillar, is cock of his friends.
He tried to deal with it in the name of

However, Rengoku is at the mercy of
flaming swordsman’s sexual desire, which
far exceeds his expectations.

For example, members of Demon Slayer Corps’re
very libido
it’s normal for them to ejaculate many times
In addition to that, it seems to be dozens,
no, hundreds
Is that cock attack the same as fighting demon?
It was a series of uphill battles for

Because Rengoku alone can handle many swords
at the same time.
because you have to stand up

Cock big enough to make the flaming swordsman’s jaw fall off,
I haven’t washed my penis satisfactorily for days
My friend’s pen*s skin is covered and covered with shame
I don’t like Rengoku even with a sword covered in the smell of a cock
I have to deal with it face to face

Because the members of Demon Slayer Corps risk
their lives
Because it exterminates demons
It is the responsibility of Flame Pillar to
serve such fellows!

At first, Rengoku is puzzled by tattacks of
many cocks.
Rengoku is fascinated by variety of swords
and becomes a prisoner of pleasure
Were you attracted to the pheromones of members
of Demon Slayer Corps?
He shook his hips and said, delicious!
The state of sucking cocks deliciously with
repeated calls

Rengoku has passionate personality, even when
it comes to harrows.
Flame swordsman’s aggressive torture and
Attack the cock of member of Demon Slayer Corps
with sexual techniques!

With Rengoku’s intense breathing, sexual
intercourse with males become greedy
There is no dignified figure of swordsman
there,drowning in pleasure
Figure is bitch himself
Rengoku is proud of his sexual acts
Showed off and provoked Rengoku himself
and worked hard at orgy

*Rengoku has sex with demons in the extra edition.